Hi there, we are Swifter

Swifter began out of a desire to help one of California's oldest and most respected dispensaries tackle a hard and very real problem for one of the fastest-growing markets in the United States.

While working together, we realized early on that cash and grey-area card solutions weren't going to cut it for modern, forward-looking dispensaries.

Our dream solution needed to be developer-friendly, legal, secure, robust and easy to integrate. It had to allow a merchant to own and customize the entire checkout experience, end to end, while also being easy to set up with no-code if required.

In short, we needed a well-architected set of APIs built to support the unique needs of the high-growth businesses - but we couldn't find one.

That's why we're building Swifter.

How we've progressed

We deliver results

We've built some of the most innovative and easy to use payments products that deliver results for you across metrics that matter


monthly and growing


minutes to setup


sec or less

No Code

minute to setup


Here's who we are

A remote-first team based out of San Francisco, California / Bangalore, India. We work with joy, rigor and transparency  - and bring this to our dealings with customers, partners and among ourselves. We love what we do, we keep trying, and we have a good time doing it.


We've been thinking, dreaming and building fintech for years. We're passionate about making money move, easily.

Persistence and Rigor

We'll keep trying to push the bar and deliver the best payments experience for you, even when regulation or industry quirks make it complex.

Kindness and Joy

We want to live in a fair and kind world. We'll do everything we can to promote a culture that's open, free, safe, joyful and easy-going for everyone.


We're hiring

We have a quick and efficient hiring process. Our culture is built on 2 core principles:  ownership and trust, so anyone looking to join our efforts will have to abide by the same rules, regardless of their position and seniority. We love and nurture our team and have zero tolerance to any form of discrimination.

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