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March 2022

Arnav Mahajan
October 8, 2021

Product Update - March 2022 | We are extremely excited to announce the launch of PaySwifter's Sandbox Environment and Webhooks for our developer friends. Here's all that you should know about PaySwifter's Sandbox and Developer Logs.

March 2022

We have an amazing announcement to make for all our current customers and future customers. I am extremely happy to announce that we have launched the sandbox environment and webhooks for our developer friends. This would make integrating with PaySwifter extremely easy and stress-free.

What is Sandbox Environment and why should you care about them?

Sandbox provides virtual environments to the developers that they can use to build, test, and deploy software. They have grown in popularity due to how accessible they are, the flexibility they provide, and the significant cost savings a company can realize by using them. Integrating multiple builds or segments of a project isn’t easy. Sandbox technology lets you check compatibility and validate that the overall solution itself is being developed properly.

Why is it important while integrating with PaySwifter and how it makes things easier: 

If you are a developer integrating with a payment provider like PaySwifter, you are most likely dependent on APIs and other systems that you don't control. These systems are either difficult to configure in a development environment, hence you'd need a reliable way of testing the integration before it goes to your customers on production. This is where sandbox comes in,

"Sandbox helps you quickly assemble and share mock REST API and SOAP webservices allowing you to work in parallel with testers for faster delivery and earlier testing. Sandbox works with your existing development and testing frameworks and software integration tools of choice."

What is Webhooks, and why should you care about them?

Webhooks are one of a few ways web applications can communicate with each other. Webhooks are user-defined HTTP callbacks. They are triggered by some event in a web application and can facilitate integrating other applications.

PaySwifter uses webhooks to let your application know when events happen, such as receiving a payment authorization or knowing about a failed payment. When the event occurs, PaySwifter makes an HTTP request (usually a POST or a GET) to the URL you configured for the Webhook. PaySwifter's request will include details of the event such as the customer ID or the event ID.

Why do Webhooks matter as a developer to you, here are a few cool things that you could do if you consume the right Webhook callbacks: 

  • Synchronize systems in real time;
  • Send any kind of payment notification;
  • Process the data however you want;
  • Create reports;
  • And almost anything else you can think about!

The so called “push” is the simplest way to use webhooks. With Webhooks, there is no need to be polling your data every few minutes or seconds to find out if there is new information. You will be able to store it till you need it for something else. Basically, the system you configured with your webhook will PUSH the information you need when it arrives. This makes your system so much more reliable, up to date and less resources intensive as compared to the API-based polling systems.  

If you think that PaySwifter’s developer friendly payments is something that would make your business better and more efficient, we would love to have a chat. Fill out this form and I will jump on a call with you to show all the capabilities of our payments platform.

Arnav Mahajan

I'm the COO and general product fixer at Swifter - email me at hello+arnav@swifterhq.com. I am a foodie, and when I'm not at work, I enjoy playing badminton, experimenting with new cuisines, and traveling.


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