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Product Updates - December 2021

Arnav Mahajan
October 8, 2021

Product Update - December 2021 | This was a really packed month with our engineering, business and product teams working long hours even during the holiday season. Coming out of Green Friday, Thanksgiving and a generally busy retail season, we decided to prioritize some critical workflows that had been postponed (to ensure we had all hands on deck during busy retail weeks).

Product Updates - December 2021

Adding another bank-link third party provider

A long-pending workflow was for our team to add an additional bank-linking third party provider and reach internal comfort on how well it performed in production. While working with this provider's APIs, we also initiated some architecture changes to allow customers to transact across multiple bank accounts easily.

Balance check enhancement: 

We strengthened the balance check functionality to ensure that previous pending order values were included in the balance check confirmation conditions.


We introduced a refunds functionality. While the feature is currently triggered manually, the automatic refund feature is complete, but not released. This allows us to combine the additional feature release with a set of planned improvements to the reconciliation workflow to indicate the impact of refunds on a settlement tranche.

Error Screens

We designed more informative error screens to ensure our merchants' customers knew the reason they were unable to complete payment. This workflow also led us to standardize and streamline our error codes in our internal documentation.

Arnav Mahajan

I'm the COO and general product fixer at Swifter - email me at hello+arnav@swifterhq.com. I am a foodie, and when I'm not at work, I enjoy playing badminton, experimenting with new cuisines, and traveling.


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